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A complete set of digitally automated collective agreement tools

Negotiators Advantage dramatically reduces the time you spend on research and proposals to free up your time to think, plan, and develop your negotiating strategies.

  • It is like ‘Quickbooks’ for collective bargaining.
  • All information for a negotiation can be stored and found here.
  • Automatically create ‘sign-off’ sheets, the MOA, Final Contract.
  • Imports data from ‘Grievance Manager’ by Union Built PC Inc. (
“Negotiators Advantage is the leading edge and the future of collective bargaining in the 21st century.”

Richard N. Hayter – Director, Community Relations – The Building & Constructions Trade Council – Ottawa, Ontario


Key Features

“This system practically captures your thinking and places it in the right place, in the right order for the right purposes to add a major productivity gain to Collective Bargaining.”

Richard N. Hayter – Director, Community Relations – The Building & Constructions Trade Council – Ottawa, Ontario


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You don’t have to be a computer guru to benefit from the many features in Negotiators Advantage. We recently partnered with a 7 person Union Executive team who openly admitted that their team would be inputting all the data. All they needed was to learn the key screens. For ex, The Bargaining Proposals progress screen is used extensively to review your negotiations progress. Another client recently told us, “I just figured out how to use it all on my own, and I love it”.
Yes, Negotiators Advantage is a great tool at the bargaining table. The lead negotiator and the entire negotiating team can look up documents and reports during bargaining discussions while the typist keeps the minutes right in the software. It’s also perfect for pre and post research, keeping track of all conversations, proposals, counter proposals and of course generating the final contract.
We believe that the collective bargaining process works. Negotiators advantage is set of digital tools to make the process more efficient and easier to manage. It’s like using a power drill rather than a hand drill. It gives you back time to do what is needed most, the thinking and strategizing to support your proposals.
MOAs can take day’s to produce. Negotiators Advantage can produce an MOA in just 90 seconds. We believe that in a complex negotiation the program can save you hundreds of hours, and as we all know time is money.
Apart from a quick learning curve to manage the software, using Negotiators Advantage will not change your business process at all. It has been developed to seamlessly integrate into your collective bargaining process, streamline it and make it more effective. The only change you can expect is faster and more efficient negotiations. 
The menu bar provides a place where you can access Labour codes, employment standards, and health codes in a simple keystroke. The program also has built in reminders, sticky notes, and screen captures with an automatic email feature, great for quick sharing of important information. There is also a searchable document library that holds all documents, issues and proposals, and we built in automatic updating as long as you are connected to the internet. For more information please don’t hesitate to drop us a line and we will reach out to you asap!

Strategic Alliance

  • Automatically import Grievance data from Grievance Manager
  • Create Proposals based upon Grievances
  • Cloud A, our server host, provides a Firewall (Security Groups)
  • Negotiators Advantage is deployed and updated by Adobe AIR
  • Application Administration Logging: Login, Edit & Optional Document View
  • Communication with Application vs HTTPS
  • Application Infrastructure Access: Limited IP range via Security Group
  • Scheduled mass database backups across the system to an encrypted volume
  • Each negotiation file is backed up each time you click ‘Update’
  • Use an UUID based back up file
  • All data is optionally backed up to the server and/or your computer hard drive
  • Single click backup to ZIP will create a local archive of entire negotiation at any time
  • All data belongs to you and will be provided to you and erased from our servers at your request if needed
  • Hosting facility by CloudA
  • Industry best practices regarding data encryption and security of encryption keys
  • Transport level encryption to protect against unauthorized access at the data centre and over the Internet
  • Firewalls to include web application and to protect against outside attacks launched against the data centre.
  • Hardening of the servers to protect against known and unknown vulnerabilities in the operating system and software
  • Physical security to protect against unauthorized physical access to data


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